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Working group 1

Fifth session of Working Group 1 – Agriculture and Rural Development (Chapter 11) “Local stakeholders in the function of the development of rural areas”

Group photo
The Fifth Session of WG1 on the topic of “Local stakeholders in the function of the development of rural areas”, was held in the MPs' Club on June 18, 2019 in Skopje. At the Session there were more than 30 representatives from relevant state institutions, NGOs in the field of agriculture, professors from the Faculty of Agriculture, experts from the country and abroad, as well as representatives of SFFA and foreign diplomatic representatives. The debate focused on the particular importance of ...

Fourth session of Working Group 1 – Agriculture and Rural Development (Chapter 11) “Family farming – a sustainable model for the development of the rural environment”

Some of the panelists
On 26.02.2019 the 4th session of the NCEU-MK WG1 - Agriculture and Rural Development, took place at the Members of Parliament Club in Skopje. The official topic of the session was: FAMILY FARMING: SUSTAINABLE MODEL FOR DEVELOPMENT OF RURAL AREAS. The session was accompanied by a noticeable media attention and attended by more than 50 representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy (hereinafter MAFWE), non-governmental organisations and associations, farmers, entreprene ...

Program council meeting of Working Group 1

Втора средба на програмски совет
On 15.02.2019, Program council meeting of Working group 1, Agriculture and Rural development, was held in the premises of the National federation of Farmers. Biljana P. Mitrevska, Ljubo Peno, Aleksandra Martinovska Stojceska, Maja Lazareska - Joveska, Vasko Hadjievski, Nikola Todorovski and Nikola Jazadjiski were present. The meeting was with purpose of confirming the date of the session as well as defining the draft agenda. Discussion about the proposed recommendations was also a part of the ...

Program Council meeting of Working Group 1

rg1 prva sredba
On 25 of December 2018, Program council meeting of working group 1, Agriculture and rural development, was held in faculty of Restaurant "Tomce Sofka". The meeting was held in regards to picking the date of the next (fourth) working session. Mileva Gjurovska, Ana Simonovska, Aleksandra Martinovska Stojcevska, Biljana P. Mitrevska, Nikola Todorovski, Maja Lazareska - Joveska, Ljubo Peno and Biljana Kostovska  were present at the meeting. 26.02.2019 was chosen as a suitable date for this se ...

Third session of Working Group 1 – Agriculture and Rural Development (Chapter 11) “The Agricultural Cooperatives – Perspectives and Possibilities”

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Farmers should be given the opportunity to understand the role of co-operatives! "I expect this debate on agricultural cooperatives organized by the European Movement in the framework of the National Convention that involves numerous experts from our country and the region, to give fruitful results, but above all to help raise public awareness of farmers on the benefits of their association , especially in strengthening the existing cooperatives and forming new ones, "said Minister of Agric ...
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