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Kickoff meeting of Working group 2 – Social policy and employment (Chapter 19)

On 11.05.2021, through a zoom call, the Kickoff meeting of Working Group 2 was held, which aimed to formalize the beginning of the second part of the project, supported by USAID.

The meeting was attended by:

Mileva Gjurovska – National coordinator of NCEU-MK

Jadranka Mrsic- Coordinator of WG2

Gabriela Madjoska – Co-chair from Ministry of Labour and Social policy

Kristijan Trajkovski – CRPM

Angel Dimitrov – ORM

Makedonka Radulovic – Professor, Faculty of Philosophy Skopje

Jovan Pejkovski – Professor, Faculty of Philosophy Skopje

Lazar Jovevski – Professor, Faculty of Law Skopje

Nikola Jazadjiski – Project assistant

At the start of the meeting, the National Coordinator Mileva Gjurovska explained the requirements of the project, ie pointed out that the result is the most important. This means that it is important to help improve the situation, even minimally. The work plan, that was made in consultation with each working group, was also presented. This plan is quite detailed and sets the dates for preparatory meetings and sessions, as well as other activities in the project.

Given that the first session is scheduled for June 15, it was emphasized that the topic should be chosen at today’s meeting. One of the changes with the new cycle is the greater involvement of young people in the session, but unfortunately, although invited, they did not respond to the invitation for this meeting.

All of the speakers were really glad that the project is continuing and shared ideas regarding the next session. There were proposals of organsations to include as well as potential speakers on the session.

Regarding the topic of the session, several topics were debated during the discussion, but in the end the participants agreed that the topic of this session should be “The effectiveness of youth employment policies”, which is a general topic and has room for further refinement. They agreed to write short abstracts and send them to Prof. Gjurovska, so she could systematize the document and get in touch with the Slovak experts.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 25, 2021.