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Second meeting of Working group 2 – Social policy and employment (Chapter 19)

Today, on May 25, the second meeting of the WG2 program council was held, at which the upcoming session, scheduled for June 15 was discussed. The meeting was attended by:

– Mileva Gjurovska, National Coordinator of NKEU-MK
– Jadranka Mrkic, Coordinator of RG2
– Marija Risteska, Co-Chair, CRPM
– Gabriela Madzovska, Co-Chair, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
– Lazar Jovevski, professor
– Makedonka Radulovic, professor
– Jovan Pejkoski, professor
– Angel Dimitrov, Organization of Employers
– Zoran Ilieski, coalition NOW
– Slavica Kuzmanovska, Juridica
– Nikola Jazadziski, project assistant

First prof. Gjurovska thanked the attendees for their presence and once again emphasized the determination of this session to be dedicated to the involvement of young people. She also presented the abstract that was submitted to all participants, and stressed that it is an initial document, open for change.

Regarding the session, the idea is to “measure” the success of the state programs that are currently active.

Every participant in the meeting shared their thoughts and their previous experiences. It was agreed that the time of each of the speakers should not exceed 5 minutes, which would leave more room for debate. The aim is to activate young people from every category, high school students, university students, employed and unemployed up to 29 years old, so that their voice can be heard on this topic.

At the end, they agreed that they will all take one part of the issue and present it. The issues were selected according to their expertise.