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Kickoff meeting of Working group 3 – Judiciary and Fundamental Rights (Chapter 23)

On 21.05.2021, through the zoom platform, was held the initial meeting of the Working Group 3 – Judiciary and Fundamental Rights (Chapter 23), which was attended by:

Mileva Gjurovska, National Coordinator of NCEU-MK;

Aleksandra Deanoska, Coordinator of Working Group 3;

Muhamed Halili, Co-Chair of Working Group 3;

Nikola Tupancevski, Professor of criminal law;

Olja Ristova, Judge.

Prof. Gjurovska first explained the way USAID works and the priorities of the project. Special attention was given to the youth involvement. Many topics were opened that can be part of the next session of the working group 3, which shows the interest of this working group to actively work on the challenges.

At the end, they talked about the permanent Slovak experts, who are open for cooperation and should be used as much as possible to use their knowledge and experience.