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Third meeting of Working group 2 – Social policy and employment (Chapter 19)

On June 11, 2021, a meeting of the Working Group 2 – Social Policy and Employment was held, which was attended by:

  • Mileva Gjurovska, National Coordinator of NCEU-MK
  • Jadranka Mrkic, Coordinator of RG2
  • Gabriela Madzovska, Co-Chair, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
  • Lazar Jovevski, professor
  • Makedonka Radulovik, professor
  • Zoran Ilieski, Coalition of youth organizations SEGA
  • Slavica Kuzmanovska, Juridika
  • Nikola Jazadziski, Project Assistant

At the meeting, the main discussion was regarding the preparations for the session scheduled for June 15 as well as details for that session.  The other attendees briefly explained what they will present at the session, such as statistical analyzes on employment and some policies at the state level that would benefit young people.

It was agreed that the permanent experts will be included as part of the discussion at the end of the session, and it was emphasized that as many young people as possible should be involved in the discussion and discuss their problems and issues because this session is dedicated to them.