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Program council meeting Working group 4 – Justice, Freedom and Security (Chapter 24)

The program council of Working group 4 – Justice, Freedom and Security held a meeting regarding the date and the topic of the next, 10th session.

Participants on this meeting were:

Mileva Gjurovska, National coordinator,Nikola Todorovski, coordinator of WG4, Andrej Lepavcov, co-chair, Magdalena Nestorovska, co-chair, Trpe Stojanovski, WG expert, Dimitar Nikolovski, WG expert and Nikola Jazadjiski, project assistant.

After long discussion, where several topics were debated, the participants agreed to discuss about critical infrastructure. Regarding the date, they agreed on 26 of January. They also agreed to be in contact and to finalize potential panellists and other participants in the session that could contribute to this topic.