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Usaid Slovakaid Sfpa Evropsko dvizenje

First meeting of the Program Council of Working group 3 – Judiciary and Fundamental rights

In the premises of the Ministry of Justice, the Program council of Working group – 3, met with Minister of Justice, Mr. Nikola Tupancheski. Present at the meeting were: the coordinator of the Convention – prof. d-r Mileva Gjurovska, Co-Chair of the Working group, Muhamed Halili, Coordinator of RG-3, Judiciary and Fundamental Rights – prof. d-r Aleksandra Deanoska Trendafilova and the co-chair of the group from Ministry of Justice – Frosina Tasevska.

The meeting confirmed the long-term successful cooperation between NKEU-MK and the Ministry of Justice and reaffirmed the commitment for its continuation and further support in the field of reforms and building the rule of law, and discussed the upcoming session of RG-3 which is planned to held in May this year.